About me

Some words about me

I have had many opportunities in my life to live abroad. I have lived in Austria, Florida, California, and Ireland. These experiences have offered excellent opportunities to improve my language skills and encouraged me to step out of my comfort zone. I have had the chance to explore new cultures, meet countless new people and forge lifelong friendships. Naturally, I have always had an open mind towards other cultures and countries and have always been curious about how people from other countries dress, what they eat, how they behave and have always liked to observe “street scenes” from other cultures.


Sport plays a critical role in my life, not only in terms of aesthetics but also in terms of maintaining physical and mental health. That is the reason I exercise every day. Everything related to a healthy lifestyle sparks my interest, I read about this topic a great deal. If you wish to embark on a journey towards a happy, balanced, and healthy lifestyle, I would be glad to assist you.

Creating a beautiful environment is my passion and I wish to help people around me to reach/achieve their ideal appearance/looks.

I also believe that our looks are closely related to who we are and to the way we feel. Our bodies are the temples of our souls, that is why it is necessary to work on both. Our exterior affects our interior and vice versa. You must have experienced how a new hairstyle, dress, or makeup can flare you up and can make you feel like a completely new person. Fashion is a wonderful way to show our diverse looks, which makes us and our environment feel good. People often judge us too quickly. People not caring about their looks, also need to pick something out of their wardrobe every morning and by doing so, they show the world a picture of themselves. This is also a way of communicating, which tells a story about us to the world.


First (of all), fill out the registration form. After submitting it, I will contact you to arrange a meeting at your convenience. Feel free to send me some pictures of yourself and your favourite clothes.


I’m really looking forward to meeting you.